Unique Rhythm

Unique Rhythm

This theme is a perfect fusion of STYLE, COMFORT and VERSATILITY.
Thanks to its GARMENT-DYED process which is now part of Salsation Wear as its DISTINCTIVE SIGN, each piece is unique and recognizable, loved by our customers.

The MATERIALS used in this summer collection are all NATURAL, cotton, rayon, viscose and silk which, very comfortable and suitable for all Salsation movements.

The absolute PROTAGONIST as always is the OVERLAPPING OF COLORS which can be tone on tone, mixing the two shades of the same color or even mixing different which, like lilac and brown, create ORIGINAL AND PERFECT SHADES.
The two shades of WHITE add freshness and lightness to the collection to which are added the two LILACS which give dynamism and joy combined perfectly with the SAND shades which remind us of the relaxing colors of the earth.

You can find our ICONIC PIECES present in new colors and fabrics, new both feminine and unisex models that manage to perfectly combine comfort and style, ideal for dance sessions or for a casual summer look.

A summer novelty is the LONG SHIRT to be kept open with a mandarin collar which gives a fresh and dynamic touch to the collection, imagining both winged choreography and comfort and style for after dancing, as well as our brand new STRETCH COTTON LEGGINGS, comfortable and elastic which are presented with the beautiful and complex tie-dye workmanship and which join our ICONIC LEGGINGS which this time return in the wave pattern of the previous season but in the brand new summer shades.
KNITWEAR is always present in our collections both in scarves that can be transformed into vests and in blouses that create very beautiful and original layering.
The collection is designed for people who seek to combine style, comfort and originality during and after Salsation session; people who want to be recognized for their ORIGINALITY but who at the same time recognize themselves as part of a strong and energetic group full of style and individuality dancing to a UNIQUE RHYTHM!