One Rhythm One Soul

One Rhythm One Soul

Introducing the second installment of Salsation Wear's summer collection, "One Rhythm One Soul", continuing to captivate with its exhilarating celebration of movement and color, crafted for dancers looking to stand out with style during their fitness sessions and beyond.

As always, each piece in this collection is uniquely imbued with our signature garment-dyeing process, bestowing vibrant individuality to every garment. This season, we delve into a palette of reds, transitioning from fiery intensity to subtle delicacy, merging into soft pinks and creating the iconic Salsation color wave that offers endless possibilities for layering and magical combinations. Introducing grey as the fourth color adds a contrasting dimension that both breaks and binds the entire chromatic panorama. The most vibrant addition this season is the resurgence of tie-dye, adorning t-shirts and tank tops, harmoniously blending with red hues to create even more layers and dynamic shades.

Materials remain natural, such as cotton and rayon, encompassing jersey in all its weights from the nearly transparent slub jersey to the baby terry of our Salsation post-dance hoodies! These fabrics ensure comfort and breathability during every movement. New textures emerge, including cotton shirting adding a subtle crispness to pants and cotton silk bestowing softness and lightness to our beloved Alejandro's unisex shirt!

Knitwear continues to play a vital role in our collection, creating original overlays that seamlessly merge with our pieces.

This season, we offer an extensive range of accessories, including ultra-stylish rayon bandanas, headbands with long tails for choreography, fingerless gloves for an extra touch of style, and tie-dye pareos for bolder layering.

"Rhythm Spectrum" is an expression of freedom, movement, and individuality, designed to inspire and motivate all our Salsation dancers.

Get ready to dance to the rhythm of color with Salsation Wear!