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Motion to Emotion

Spring Summer Collection 2021


This spring summer, Salsation Wear brings you a fresh, bright, joyful new collection. With dynamic patterns and bold statements, Motion to Emotion connects the core movement of dance with the powerful feeling that dance brings to the Salsation Community.

Combining the spring summer green palette with bright, eye catching tie dye, Motion to Emotion cleverly integrates the Motion and Emotion of dance.

We are always developing our sustainable consciousness, and with that we have introduced used recycled polyester and proven sustainable fabric to create a large part of this collection. The relationship between creativity and sustainabi­lity has never been more pressing, and we aim to continue this balance with all collections to come.

Motion to Emotion also features new intricate details, such as embroidered patches and logos, adding to the power look Salsationers need to complete the tough­est of workouts. As always Salsation Wear pieces are
made to dance in all day long, providing comfort, style and practicality. Both Rootz and Choreology are featured in Motion to Emotion.